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.:K-t-Y:. Kaji, Teru by tashaj4de .:K-t-Y:. Kaji, Teru by tashaj4de
For :iconkamisama-to-yokai:
I-I may have done a few parts wrong gomen- he was supposed to be a God of "Sleep" but by the time I had changed it I was halfway done with the bio ahahaha |wo Sorry for that~

Anyway~ Here's another guy from me~ I hope he's alright, he's actually an OC I've had around my head for awhile now ever since I saw the C-l-o-w group- I didn't want to join but I had the concept of this character for awhile now, which is why he sleeps often (The Sleep Card >w>). If I had really tried to use him in that group, he'd have the power to... well, make people sleep or something- I changed it to him sleeping too much for Kamisama-to-yokai :rofl: //shot

As for the whole scarf thing... well, I found this scarf in my cabinet- an orange one- and I was wondering if I could wear it or somethin- theeen I must've been thinking about it when designing him, since I don't usually draw guys and me designing them is- ahahaha :iconakaratiredplz: But basically, I wanted to draw a scarf. Might be because of Mekakucity Actors, or maybe it was just all the drawings/pics I have in my phone with people wearing scarves... //kicked

I'm pretty proud of this though~ It's not the first time I've used a coat, but since I usually use a hoodie/collared jacket I looked at this jacket in my room and used some of it's design xD As for the colors... well, I'm trying to use colors that aren't too dark/any shade of purple or blue- in the end, I used blue for his eyes so that he'd sort of have a "dreamy" or far away look. The clothes are supposed to be more "neutral", since dreams can be both good and bad. But Teru in particular is more for "good" dreams I guess, so lighter colors xD

Okay I'm stopping now ahahaha~ Sorry, just wanted to upload this before going to sleep xD I'll be uploading the pics separately tomorrow/in a few days so his design's clearer ouo Anyway, Here's his info~

:damphyr:Name: Kaji, Teru
:damphyr:Age: 17
:damphyr:Date of Birth: June 9
:damphyr:Height:  5'11 ft
:damphyr:Weight: 130 lbs
:damphyr:Gender: Male
:damphyr:Sexual preference: Straight/Hetero
:damphyr:God/Goddess of: God of Dreams
:damphyr:Yokai servant: N/A
-Cats ("Neko... *^*")
-Cloudy days
-The shade
-Not being able to sleep
-People who disturb him too much
-People who ask him too many questions
-People who stop him from sleeping often
-Too much sun
Lazy || Always sleepy || Kind || Cat-lover || Blunt || Easy-going || Oblivious
Teru has no inclination to move a lot, and he sleeps often. Even when he isn't sleeping, you'd think he is asleep due to his appearance. He has a sort of fascination with cats, as he often petted them on his way home. Sometimes he'd bring them home for his older sister to take care of. This is probably because his family served a Cat God at one point in time. If he's not asleep, he tends to day dream instead of paying attention in class (fortunately, there are kind people who help him with the lessons later). He's not really bothered by things easily, since he usually sleeps instead of thinking about his problems. Since he daydreams often, he's a bit absent-minded since daydreams distract him.
   Coming from a family that once served a Cat God, Teru almost completely ignored his lineage. His family was a branch of the main family, and for some reason his family in particular decided not to follow tradition and live their life as any "normal" person would. Despite everything, Teru still grew up to respect the Gods and visited Shrines often to pay his respects.

    Growing up, Teru's life was pretty simple. His family lived in a house not too far from a shrine, so on most days he'd go to the shrine to pay his respects. He'd usually pray for the day to go well and peacefully- mostly because he wanted to sleep through the day. His mother, knowing full well about his sleeping habit, thought that he lacked energy and often gave him energy drinks. However he often forgot to drink those and when he did it did not stop him from sleeping. Teru was considered a little weird as a child, since instead of going outside to play he would be found inside the classroom sleeping during break.

    Since Teru's family once served a Cat God, he'd often be found petting cats on the way home, or feeding them. Sometimes he'd go as far as bringing them home with him, to the horror of his parents. His older sister Hikage was completely fine with the fact however, as they already had multiple cats in their home. His older sister taught him how to take care of himself since he was often the first person home, so he was usually alone.

    He encountered a Spirit one day on his way home. He had no idea who the Spirit was. He didn't even know he was talking to a Spirit, thinking it was just another stranger passing by the Shrine. He was surprised when the Spirit suddenly asked him a weird question.
"What do you think about when you sleep?" It didn't take him long to answer.
"I dream" Teru replied simply. He was surprised to find that the stranger didn't answer him, smiling instead and just patting his head before leaving.

    The next few days he had dreams of a forest. It seemed to be night there. He heard someone- no, there was more than one person- there were people talking. He couldn't understand anything, but he knew they were there. He couldn't see them, he could just hear them. Always, he'd look up and see the stars. Just when he thought he could make out what the voices are saying, the dream ends.

    One Sunday morning, Teru woke up to find one of the cats sitting on top of him, watching him. It wasn't really unusual since the cats often wandered around the house, but the cat was unfamiliar- it was white with brown and black spots, but the black spots were more dominant and seemed to form a pattern of swirls around its body. He blinked. The cat was really watching him. Upon noticing he was awake, the cat jumped off him and watched him from the floor. Sitting up, he realized it was almost afternoon- as usual, he had overslept. Walking slowly to the kitchen, he saw that his sister left him a note. Their parents would be coming home late, since their work place had a party in celebration of its anniversary, and Hikage herself would be working late since she had a deadline coming up.

    Sighing, Teru started cooking. He was about to pour hot water into the instant ramen cup he had found when he suddenly noticed the cat from earlier, sitting on the kitchen counter and watching him. He blinked. It stared back at him. He almost spilled the water but managed to move away in time before it hit him and woke him up more. He frowned "...Are you going to eat breakfast too?" He asked it. Of course, it didn't respond. It just stared at him. Blinking, he ate his ramen in silence. He then pretty much did what any person would do in the morning.

    Just as he was about to go back into his room to sleep the rest of the day away, the cat suddenly went in his way, stopping him from going in. He blinked. No matter how many times he tried to go around it, it would block his way. Teru sighed. He really wanted to go back to sleep. The cat meowed and scratched the door. It was then that he noticed a note sticking on it. He didn't notice it earlier, but since he was more awake now...
"Follow the cat"
    Blinking, he stared at the cat. It was staring at him "You want me to follow you?" Teru asked stupidly. It meowed and started walking. He quickly he threw on a jacket and a scarf over his clothes and followed it. Wincing at the sun light, he wished he could go back to bed. But he had a feeling the cat wouldn't allow him to sleep.
It took some time, but they finally stopped in a middle of the forest. Teru looked around, reminded of his latest dreams. When he looked back at where the cat was he found a "person" there instead. Before he could say anything, the person told him that he had been chosen as the next Kami of Dreams.
    At first, Teru just stared blankly at the person. He pinched himself, wondering if he was having another strange dream-- nope, he was uncomfortably awake. Then he told the person that he couldn't possibly be a God.
The person smiled, telling him that he was the perfect person for the job- he dreamed. A little too often, but he knew the "innocence" and peacefulness of the "world of dreams". It took him a moment to realize that the person- spirit- was talking about how he slept often- one way of dreaming. And he always dreamed, there wasn't a single time he went to sleep without dreaming. In fact, one of the reasons he went to sleep so often was because he wanted to continue dreaming.
    ...Although he still didn't think he should be a God.
    The person- spirit- sighed. It had expected this, and the spirit itself was actually wondering why he was chosen. However Teru was chosen so he had to be trained. So the spirit led Teru into the temple, where Teru actually stayed awake long enough to look at the entrance and its surroundings before promptly disappearing- and later he was found leaning against one of the trees napping.

    This is probably the end of his simple life...
:damphyr:Other information:
-When he sleeps, he's curled up like a cat. When napping near the wall he just leans against it.
-He sometimes says "I don't feel like a God, I just want to sleep..." despite that, he still tries to keep up with school.
-Teru often falls asleep during classes, so it's a little of a miracle that he passes his classes often.
-He knows how to cook since his older sister, Hikage, taught him how.
-Teru has a weak body since he doesn't really move much
-Teru often wonders why he was chosen as the Kami of Dreams, since he sleeps often and his family once served a Cat God.
-One of the only Physical activities Teru can do well is climbing up a tree- because it's easier to nap when no one can disturb you on a tree branch (That's his logic)
-Sometimes using his scarf and coat as a "pillow" when bunched up together
-Despite the weather, he will almost always wear his coat and scarf since it's "comfortable clothes he can sleep in"
-Teru's name means "Bright", while his older sister Hikage's name means "Shade"
-Teru has a collection of scarves, but very few coats. Most of the scarves were given to him by Hikage.
-He has a small birthmark that resembles a cloud a little below his collar bone, usually covered by his scarf/shirt.
-He usually has a dream catcher in his pocket.
-If he sees someone with cat ears/tail, he pets their head as if they're a real cat.
-Teru gets cold easily.
Kaji, Hikage - Older sister, "Nee-chan/Hikage-nee-chan"
Shiki - Friend, gave her a dream once "Shiki-san"
Matsunaga, Aoi - Considers her as a friend, "Aoi-san"
:damphyr:Rp method: Lit | Script || :note:Notes | Chatroom | Skype
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