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.:M-C:. Akemi, Kasumi by tashaj4de .:M-C:. Akemi, Kasumi by tashaj4de
For :iconmekaku-city:
I didn't mean to join at first but-- I saw the reservation journal- and slots were disappearing-- and before I realized it I commented- :iconpapmingplz:

So yeah, Here's another girl from me~ //shot I just worked on this mostly cause the deadline's pretty close and I wanted to submit it before I get busy again :iconpachuuplz: Hope the history isn't too "dramatic", I typed it while it was brownout over here and it ended up long somehow :iconmisakideskplz: Oh, and her clothes are supposed to be pretty loose-- that's why it looks kinda big >w>

And thank you Arulie for giving me that site with soooo many colors~ <3 Although I ended up using shades of purple again (I meant to use blue and black, but I couldn't find the right shade of blue to suit her), there were lots of colors I could use~

A-alright I'll stop now and submit this :iconmisakideskplz:

:bulletred:Name: Akemi, Kasumi
:bulletred:Age: 16
:bulletred:Date of Birth: January 19th
:bulletred:Height: 5'3 ft
:bulletred:Weight: 125 lbs
:bulletred:Sexual Preference: Hetero/straight
:bulletred:Eye power: Eye Conceal
Forgetful || Directionally challenged || Generous || Too helpful || Secretive || Good listener || Absent-minded || Slightly paranoid || Shy || Gullible || Naive || Crybaby
   Kasumi grew up from a family considered to be middle class. She doesn't have the best grades, so she was often scolded by the teacher. This brought on a lot of teasing and of course, bullying. But she had friends, so she was alright. Even if they weren't her close friends, she was fine with it. Most people talked to her because she was good at listening. Others talked to her out of pity, or to give her encouragement. She often blogged about her daily life under a fake name, and she was always careful not to reveal too much information. Her blog had enough viewers that fortunately, wasn't her classmates. It was one of the secrets she kept hidden from everyone, even her own family.

    Kasumi was often taken advantage of, because of how generous she was in giving others what was needed. She was always willing to lend a helping hand, unless the favor they asked from her was too much for her to handle. She became infamous in her school for that fact and her grades. Not knowing this, she continued to live her life until she found out from a "friend" that half the people she spent time with only did it out of pity, not because they wanted to be her friend.

    Shocked by the fact, she cried and shut herself in her room for the whole weekend. She wasn't allowed to hide forever, of course. People who were her genuine friends made the effort to visit her and encourage her to come out again. She was a mess when she came back to school, and now she was uncomfortably aware of the stares people around her gave her. Ever since the day she found out, she felt like everyone- even strangers- were watching her. She tried to ignore that feeling, talking to friends and listening to music when she was alone.

    Then the accident happened. That one day when she shouldn't have gone out. It was a weekend, and she decided to try to get familiar with the new mall that opened recently. Walking and getting lost, she ended up in a park. It was already getting late, and Kasumi knew she should go home soon so her Mom wouldn't worry so much. But she wasn't sure which way to go- the park was unfamiliar, her phone was dead, and there was no one familiar around. Night was falling, so she stood up and walked until she walked right by the mall she had intended to go to earlier. Biting her lip, she walked inside and looked for somewhere to eat. She shivered. It was big, and the crowds made her feel nervous. Kasumi sat down on one of the benches after buying some food to eat. Ah, she still felt like people were staring at her... she felt really out of place somehow. Then she noticed one of her friends nearby. He was... ah yes, he was the one that... if anyone could say she had a close friend, he'd probably be one of them. Calling out to him, she stood up and walked towards him. She was close enough to see him smile at her when she head something snap. She saw his smile turn into a look of fear, and saw she him running towards her.

    Again, she could feel those stares. But this time, it wasn't her imagination. People were staring. She could feel confusion as her panicked thoughts just screamed "Stop looking at me! Go away! Stop staring!". But then she heard her friend yell for her to get away- she didn't understand. She could see him running to her, and she heard someone yell just as she heard another snap "It's falling!"... Too late, she looked up and saw that one of the hanging lights was falling towards her. Looking at her friend, she realized that neither of them would get out of the way in time, yet he still wanted to try and push her out of the way...

    Then she blacked out. She had no idea what happened, all she knew was that her friend didn't survive. People were telling her that it was good she survived, how lucky. Her family was relieved- she was alive, safe, and with her family. Weeks went by with people telling her the same thing over and over-how lucky she was to have survived!- but then, why did they act like she wasn't there sometimes? The teacher didn't seem to see her when she raised her hand to answer a question and her friends wondered where she was even though she was right there. They wouldn't even "see" her unless she touched them. She didn't feel lucky at all...

    "You too, have red eyes..." One day, She heard someone say that. She didn't understand. Red eyes? What did that even mean? Her eyes were bluish-green... Oh no, she could feel the stares again. No no no, she didn't want anyone to look at her--

    "Where are you?" Again with that question. Why- just a few moments ago, everyone saw her and now-- wait, where were they going? Mekakushi Dan? She wasn't the only one who was like this--? W-wait, she had to go back and-- ahhh--

    Ah, she really didn't understand anymore...

-Helping people
-Melon bread
-Sour food

-People looking at her/staring
-"Fake", "plastic" people
-Spicy food
-Being teased

-She listens to others often, and always keeps a secret
-Sometimes, she throws objects or kicks people when she's teased too much
-She believes she's never had an actual "best friend", but only "close" friends... and there're very few of them
-Kasumi has a hard time confiding in other people due to her slight paranoia, so she blogs instead
-Her blog is filled with pictures she takes on the same day as her posts
-She posts a little on her blog everyday
-She gets nervous when she's in a room with more than 4 people in it, but she's okay if it's just 3 or less people in the room other than herself
-The mall that the accident happened in was rebuilt later, and it was closed for about a year after the incident.
-The necklace she wears is a "friendship necklace" given to her by her friend who died, he had the same necklace except his pendant was Jade instead of Sapphire. (To represent the other's eyes)
-Kasumi thinks of Mekakushi Dan as a "Big Family", so she treats everyone as family. This does not mean she calls people as "brother" or "sister" though, just some people.
-Her parents were hesitant on letting her live at the HQ with the other members, but they had to work abroad in order to continue paying for Kasumi's schooling so they let her stay.
-Treats Hachiko as her Mom since she's seems to be the closest to Danchou Katashi, therefore Hachiko is the "Mother" of Mekakushi Dan.
-She often wakes up early to practice her eye ability, but she's never sure of when it works since there's usually no one around. 
-Currently has earphones with little wings on them, given to her by Hachiko to replace the ones she lost. She's very happy about them and would often hide behind the couch using them while listening to music.

Katashi Jurou - Considered friend Highly respects him no matter what he does, "Danchou/Danchou-sama" : "Katashi-Danchou is awesome! Ahh it sounds like a lot of the members are mad/frustrated with him though..."
Kichiou Shigeshiro - Friend, "Kichiou" : "Kichiou is deaf, and it's a little hard to talk-write sometimes but I'll manage! Um... just need to practice writing more..."
Shou Tsuchida - Considered friend, "Shou-san" : "Ahh um, Shou-san seems to be a really nice person- but he... um... I don't know but... there's something weird when he smiles... um..."
Hachiko Kirishima - Mother figure, "Mama Hachiko" //shot : "The Earphones Mama gave arrived! Uwahh, they're so pretty...! I'll take good care of it so I won't lose these! I'll show these to Mama later!"
Mana Suko - Friend, "Suko-san" : "Suko-san is really really nice! Ahhh but I wonder just how many people appear all of a sudden when she's around though.... she seems to know a lot of people..."
Mizuki Miyagawa - Sort of an older brother figure, "Mizuki-san" : "Mizuki-san is very nice! He holds my hand a lot whenever he's around because he told me it's so I won't disappeare. It's not working though, I still disappear... ;;"
Shizune Morii - Acquaintance, "Morii-san" : "I met Morii-san in the store getting apples-- uwahh, I didn't really think someone would use their eye power for that-!"
Koji Aoki - Sort of older bro(?), "Koji-nii" : "Koji-nii... um... he drinks a lot of milkshakes... um... Ah, he seems to like cats and dogs a lot... um... I haven't really managed to talk to him much..."
Ryuuji Yagami - Considered Friend(?), "Ryuuji-san" : "Um... Ryuuji-san has a hard time sleeping... I wonder why he really doesn't care about his health... OTL the dan members are confusing- T^T"
Soho Calmon - Acquaintance(?), "" : "U-uwahh! Um... he kind of walked in while I was trying to practice my eye ability... um... I crashed into him... cause he thought I was a ghost and he yelled... uu...."
Hitoshi Hashimoto - Friend(?), "Hitoshi-san" : "Uuu, Hitoshi-san's really nice! Ahh um... his eye color though... really reminds me of that person..."
Gamma - Acquaintance, "" : "Um... I remember seeing this person around sometimes... ah, at the meeting that time too..."
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Neko-Meep Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh my goodness she's so cute!!!
I laughed a bit at how confused she was at the end of her bio ^^''' it's cute >w<
tashaj4de Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
T-thank you very much! :iconleeblushplz:
Neko-Meep Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
no problem! ^^
arulie Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
look at you Tasha, joining another rp group even during school season and yet another heart wrenching biography how dare you--:iconsrapsrapplz: //slapped
oh but pff, I'm glad you found it useful :icondokis-plz:
tashaj4de Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist

It was very useful <3 Took awhile to find the right colors As you can see, I ended up with purple colors instead of blue like I originally planned //shot 
Herazuli Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Amg LOL... You just can't help yourself, can you Tasha-chan?
tashaj4de Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
..........:iconlazypoolplz: The instinct to RP called me-- //SHOTNO
Herazuli Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Fouffey Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2014
Yay, Kasumiii~~~ <3  Poor child, no wonder she is so paranoid. Don't worry~~ Kichiou is an extreme loyal (if over protective) friend!
tashaj4de Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hopefully she'll have really good friends~ ;v; It's fun to RP her paranoia though //shot
Fouffey Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2014
I'm sure she will~~ if you like we can RP more Kasmu and Kichiou chaos too~
tashaj4de Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes please! :iconsparkleeyeyuiplz:
Fouffey Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2014
Yay~~ where would you prefer to rp? ^^-
tashaj4de Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
notes~ :iconseyedplz: I'd say chat but-- I can't stay online that long- //shot
Fouffey Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2014
Notes is fine by me~~ do you want to start or shall I? ^^- I'm working on Kichou's reference sheet...
tashaj4de Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
you start :iconseyedplz: 'cause I gotta keep lappy to go to school-- //kicked
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StrawberryAiki Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2014
Ah, another pretty OC! :iconamgtouchplz:
tashaj4de Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you-- :iconuhuhuhuplz:
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