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March 31
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.:Noragami:. Kage(mi) by tashaj4de .:Noragami:. Kage(mi) by tashaj4de
For :iconnoragami:

I blame Arulie for getting me to watch Noragami and convincing me to try joining :iconakaratiredplz:

I'm pretty proud of her design though~ The kodachi took me awhile orz And I just used the first name that came up in my head- and it actually wasn't reserved yet-- //shot

I kinda just used google translate though-- //shot Also, gomen for the fail writing :iconming3plz: My handwriting isn't very good- I wasn't sure if I should put "Kagemi" or "Kage" on Name as a person there so I wrote both- Hope it's okay- ;;

A-and I should stop now before I talk too much :iconpachuuplz: I really hope she's okay- :iconkurokohideplz:
I-I got in :iconkiligplz:
I RP via NoteNotes|Comments|Chatroom|Skype in Lit and Script

:bulletyellow:Name: Kage
:bulletyellow:Name as a Person:  影御 Kagemi
:bulletyellow:Name as a Shinki: Yingki
:bulletyellow:Gender: Female
:bulletyellow:Age: 16
:bulletyellow:Height: 5 ft
:bulletyellow:Owned by: N/A
:bulletyellow:Form: Kodachi with a locket hanging from its handle.
=Boundary Line - Like all Shinki, She can create a barrier between herself and her opponent
=Hide – Ability to hide a target for a short amount of time. Usually lasts for about 2 minutes depending on her emotional state, but it may last longer. Only works if she is completely focused on casting this ability.
=Confusion – She can temporarily confuse her enemy. This ability only works if Kage is not feeling any strong emotion like anger or depression.

:bulletyellow:Personality: The type of girl who doesn’t talk much, she is considered shy by most people who meet her. She tends to let her emotions get the better of her, but she will not hesitate to help someone in need. Kagemi may be a little too gullible at times as she tends to believe what people tell her about people she knows/are familiar with. Most do not take her seriously because of this, but she will turn serious and very stubborn when she’s sure what she’s saying is important. Her moods change as quickly as the wind, but she tries not to show this fact by not talking when it’s a particularly strong emotion. She is also directionally challenged and will get lost often, the only time she won’t get lost is if someone helps her or if it’s a route she knows particularly well.


Before she died, Kagemi was a high school student who no one really noticed due to how quiet she was. Those that did notice her would either ask her for help about a problem they have or they’d just ask her to listen to their problems. She had a habit of staying in places that as quiet, like the school rooftop or under a tree in a garden. Kagemi also visited the hospital often, as she had a relative who was very sick (She never found out what the disease was, but it may have been something similar to cancer).

The day she died was actually on one of her visits to the hospital. She had just come out of her relative’s room to go home when she decided to look around the hospital for the canteen or cafeteria. Getting lost, she sighed when she realized that she had walked into the more secluded area of the hospital, she was about to turn around and try to go back the way she had come when she noticed one of the doctors having a blank expression on his face opening a window. As soon as she noticed him climbing up the window, she rushed at him and tried to pull him back inside the hospital. He struggled, which resulted in him falling out the window anyway. Kagemi tried her best to hold onto him, but she wasn’t very strong and she ended up being pulled by his weight and falling out the window with him. Since no one saw them fall, no one was able to rush them inside the hospital, and the impact of the fall instantly killed Kagemi and the doctor as they fell from the third-floor window.

As she breathed in her last breath, Kagemi wondered what would to her relative now that there would be no one to visit him. She only hoped that he would be able to live… and that he’d be able to stay the cheerful person she remembered from her constant visits to him.


Big animals
Being helpless
Looking people in the eyes
Being cold

:bulletyellow:Additional Info:
-Her “name” is on her right shoulder.
-Kagemi’s weapon form is a Kodachi, possibly a reference to her height. The locket that dangles from its handle signifies how she wants to keep things hidden and quiet.
-As much as she wants to keep things “Hidden and Quiet”, she can’t since it would affect her master.
-She tends to say random words to describe what she sees (Example: She sees a blue flower, she'd just say "Ah, it's blue...". Same with someone's hair color- "Silver..."). It's usually just one word, and always said bluntly.
-As she's currently "nameless", she was nicknamed "Hazel" by Umeko

…Excuse me…
…You’re in the way. Move
Please don’t ask me that…
...thank you..."

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It took me about 2-3 days to do :iconuhuhuhuplz: 
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Great art style! She looks so  cute!
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