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October 26, 2012
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.:OJ:. Precani Silaica by tashaj4de .:OJ:. Precani Silaica by tashaj4de
EDIT (9/1/13): Due to Character Developments, I kinda figured I'd ask if I could transfer her :iconming3plz: Old info here:

Name: Precani "Rani" Silaica
    (Her name is pronounced as "Pri-ka-nii") (EDIT: There should be a stress on PRE)

Age: 15
Gender: Female
Height: 5'1 ft
Weight: There's no way she's gonna tell that~ :iconusuiblehplz:
Team: Black
    She's very good with gadgets. She can figure out how to use a gadget easily and sometimes she tries to figure out how to fix them as well.

Tool of Choice:
    The dark blue bag that she always brings with her. She usually keeps any gadgets she has in it, along with a few other things.

    She's abit of a geek when it comes to gadgets, and it's possible she's bi-polar. One moment she could be serious, then the next thing you know she's suddenly cheerful. Her moods switch alot, and when she's told to follow someone she usually does it only if she wants to. She's very anti-social and abit quiet most of the time, but when she's in a bad mood she could be very rude or gloomy. She tends to be alone most of the time as well as childish and would prefer to either be on her laptop using the internet or readin a book. She's also very hesitant to ask too many questions, and sometimes it's to the point that she'll pull the hood of her jacket up and hide her eyes. Sometimes when she first meets someone, she'd either be slightly friendly or... abit blunt >w>;; . Sometimes a tsundere owo Her mood is especially swayed easily when something concerns her cousin, Yuki Amaya Tomoko. One of the only times she doesn't seem to be anti-social is when she's with certain people.

Opposite!Personality: ( )
    Opposite!Rani is extremely cheerful most of the time for absolutely no reason, and acts very cute. She says "desu" at the end of most of her sentences. Unlike Rani's original personality, she can say anything easily, especially lies. While in opposite personality, the ends of her jacket are zipped together and she ties her hair up (Reason for not tying her hair up when in normal personality is below). Her hair is swept more to the side so that her right eye is shown more. With her opposite personality, she doesn't really care what color her eyes are, and actually wears more girly clothing. There are still some limits though, since she still wears pants instead of skirts. Mostly the difference with Rani's usual outfits is that with her switched Personality she actually wears sleeveless shirts every now and then.

    Using a gadget Drawing Reading Writing Being childish (Yes, she doesn't act mature sometimes on purpose) Listening to music (Especially vocaloid) Singing, but don't ask her to sing loudly around people. She won't sing loudly when other people are around. Eating sweets Sometimes, she likes to annoy people looking at plants Anime and Manga Things that interest her Talking, but it depends on the person. She prefers that her social life is mostly online though Anything related to art Helping people Animals Shi Sakurai

Talking too much
    Being hugged usually Not spending time with Shi Rude/mean people Yaoi and Yuri Bullies People who get on her bad side Heights Things that can't interest her Having too much attention When her name (Precani) is mispronounced Her chest size being mentioned Being a Girly-girl Having hair tied, braided, or such Wearing a dress When someone comments about her chest or her eyes Being too responsible Being forced to do something she doesn't want to do Having her picture taken =w=

Reason for transferring teams:
    After the first few months of working at OJ, Precani was told by someone that she was more suited for Team Black. She was annoyed, because it didn't help that some people kept trying to transfer her to a different team. Months later, she suddenly remembered what the person said on her way to OJ one day. Since she was starting to get annoyed by someone on her team (No, it wasn't the newbie), she did some research and realized she should've chosen a different team. Rani had chosen Purple when she joined due to some people saying that she was "geeky", although now that she thought about it her Anti-Social Personality is meant for Black Team. Since she didn't feel like she belonged in Purple Team, she decided to request if she could be transferred to Team Black.

    Precani used to live at the Philippines, but she moved to Japan to live with some relatives of hers. She was constantly taunted about her name, but she usually ignored it. After living in Japan for a few years, she eventually adjusts to the Japanese culture, although many things still seem quite strange to her. When she found out about Oddjobs, she watched them for a few months. She wasn't sure whether to join or not, but she eventually decided that she might as well help others.

EDIT (More about her history):
    As stated earlier, Rani used to live in the Philippines. Because her parents started work Abroad, they, not wanting Rani to be alone, made her move to Japan to live with her relatives. This was ok for some time, but due to the fact that her relatives also had problems Precani requested that she move to her own apartment and get part-time jobs in order to pay for it. Her relatives refused at first, but upon realizing Rani was serious, they allowed her to live on her own- on the condition that she would go to them for help if she needed it. She didn't, of course. She ended up living alone for a few years, rarely visiting her relatives (Although some relatives -like Yuki- usually visited Rani alot). She came across Odd Jobs by accident and saw them helping other people. It seemed interesting, and if Rani was honest with herself, she actually liked helping people. After a few weeks, Precani decided to join OddJobs. Of course, it's waaay different from what she expected, but she finds it kinda interesting //shot

Random Facts:
    -Does not study at GakuGakuen. -Her name is a name I made up years ago for some old story I used to write. -She usually introduces herself as "Rani" so that people won't mispronounce her name. -She has two bracelets on both of her wrists, but it's hidden under her jacket. -She absolutely loves the color purple. -Precani's a Filipino owo -She never zips up her jacket, because she'd rather hide her chest, and zipping it would just emphasize it in her opinion. -She wears shorts under her skirt at all times. -She covers her right eye on purpose. -The one vain thing she has is her hair- she dislikes tying it, braiding it, or any other form of hairstyling except just letting it loose >w> -She prefers to wear her familiar purple jacket than the black vest that can be used with the OJ uniform. -She hates being forced to do something she doesn't want to do, and will be very rebellious if forced... most of the time xD -Rani's bangs are uneven because she cut them by accident when she was younger xD -~yukiamayaplz and Precani are cousins owo -Precani has temper problems, especially when it comes to Yuki. She kinda treats Yuki like a sister, sort of like they're siblings instead of cousins X3 -Although Yuki is the older cousin, Precani, in comparison, is more mature. -Precani and Yuki look so much alike, that if they had the same hair style (and Yuki wouldn't have cat ears and a tail) they would look alot like twins. -Rani isn't at OJ often, because she does alot of part-time jobs aside from OJ to pay for her gadgets. -Tends to make "Game Alaises" and doesn't act like herself when playing games. -Has too many part-time jobs (It upsets her that she can't see Shi often due to this) -Currently lives with Shi Sakurai. -Rani usually has her earphones on because she can't stand too much noise or too -much silence. Without her earphones she usually feels a little lost and dizzy. -She's abit vain about her hair, so she rarely braids or ties it. So far, the only time it's not down is when her personality is switched. -Even though Rani and Yuki have the same great-grandmother (Which is why they look alike), Only Yuki inherited the "magic" trait in their family line (As far as their families can tell anyway. It's not sure since both Yuki and Rani have purple eyes, And Rani has not shown any signs of magic. Whether or not the reason is because Yuki is half-cat [Cats are said to have magical power in some stories], no one is sure. Although if Rani does have magic, she doesn't use it- or maybe she has, but she just won't tell anybody). -She uses glasses sometimes, but very rarely as she's not used to them.

Relationships/Related people:

[NOTE: I might add anything I might have forgotten later... so if ya see something suddenly new in the info... yeah my fault >w>;; I continuously add facts... alot XD]
[Note2: I know I know-- Lots of facts are connected with one of my other OCs, ~yukiamayaplz. It's because when I created Rani, I guess I had too much of Yuki on my mind at the time? I'm separating them little by little though, because they're two different people. Although... I always make my OCs connected one way or another- I got that habit somehow xD Maybe it's because I write alot? xD]

:iconojraniplz: Precani "Rani" Silaica belongs to me, and she's a member of :iconodd-jobs:
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her name should be pronounced as PRE-ca-ni coz nouns are stressed in the first syllable
tashaj4de Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh owo well, most people say it as PREH-ca-ni cause of the spelling owo It's supposed Pri-ca-ni though... :iconotlplz: I thought up this name a bunch of years ago kase... >.< I'm just reusing it >.<
Mielluu Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
it is still used a noun... so your rule is not applicable as an exception... Dethrix is a made up name as well... nouns in the English language should be stressed in the first syllable, no matter what it's origin is, as long as it is used as a NOUN it must be stressed in the first syllable
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