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.:Sekiguchi-Gakuen:. Sanada, Aito by tashaj4de .:Sekiguchi-Gakuen:. Sanada, Aito by tashaj4de
For :iconsekiguchi-gakuen:

I FINALLY MADE ANOTHER GUUUUY :iconomgcryplz: He somehow ended up being the complete opposite of my idiot Takashi :iconming3plz: I hope he's okay, I really don't know anything 'bout guys ahahaha-- //SHOT

ANYWAYS~! The uniform has so many colors omg-- It took me awhile to shade stuff cause I kept forgetting something somewhere- mostly the gold stripes //shot But it actually looks pretty good now that it's finally finished~ This took me one whole day-- //shot I was gonna put him in literature club but I changed my mind in the end >w>

Oh and the headshot is in formal attire cause I felt like it //SHOT It just suits him somehow, idk~ I actually did the headshot before the full body >w> I'll get around to uploading the fullbodies and headshots of all my RP apps eventually~

Okei I should stop now- I hope he's okay~ XD Don't be surprised if I add stuff here every now and then >w>
Got accepted :iconkiligplz:
I RP via NoteNotes|Comments|Chatroom|Skype in Lit and Script

:bulletblack:Name: 真田 哀と Sanada, Aito
:bulletblack:Nickname: None so far
:bulletblack:Gender: Male
:bulletblack:Age: 16
:bulletblack:Height: 5'11 ft
:bulletblack:Grade: First year
:bulletblack:Dormitory:  The Bijutsu (美術)
:bulletblack:Special Talent: Is able to play almost any piano music by ear, doesn't usually need a music sheet after hearing the song a few times.
:bulletblack:Club: Music
-Watching the sky
-Listening to Nature
-Reading (Occasionally)
-Playing the piano
-Being talked about
-Not being allowed to sleep
-Listening to too much "noise"
-People forcing him to talk too much
-Rock music
= Usually silent
When he talks, it's usually slowly since he rarely talks to anyone, including his own family. Mostly will just nod or shake his head when you ask him a question. If he does speak, it's usually just a few words.
=One-track mind
This is usually when he's playing the piano. If he starts on something, he usually won't stop until he finishes it/something really distracting happens.
He is affected easily by what others say to him. For example, if you say he is very clumsy he will look down and say "Sorry" until you accept his apology. He will rarely smile though, and most of the time he will have a blank or calm expression on his face.
=Good listener
Although he doesn't speak often, he will always listen to someone's problems whether they are his teacher, friend, stranger or acquaintance.
=Good memory/Photographic memory
He has extremely good memory, and rarely forgets something like someone's name or their favorite song once they tell it to him. He usually remembers things easily
. Growing up from a "middle-class" family, Aito had a rather easy and quiet childhood. At least, that's what most people would say if you barely knew him. Those who knew him well would tell you that he was a young boy who loved to play piano, smiling as he played. This was mostly because he had a cousin who would come over often to listen to him play the piano. He would usually listen to her patiently as she sat beside him and ranted about her day. She would mostly talk about how annoying it is to take care of her brothers, how the playground was busy as usual, and anything that she felt like talking about. Sometimes he would talk to her about what happened with his own life, but he preferred to listen to her talk. Aito thought that those kind of days would last forever.

. However, while Aito was in middle school he heard the news that his cousin had died in a car accident. When he heard the news, he visited her funeral and shut himself in his room for a week afterwards. When he came out, he no longer smiled as he played. The first thing he did was go straight to a piano and play his cousin's favorite song, even though he had never seen the music sheet of that piece. His parents were surprised, as they had heard the little girl sing it before. The song was something his cousin made up when she felt sad, and Aito thought it was a fitting tribute to play the song. It wasn't perfect, but his parents could feel how much Aito wanted to cry about his cousin's unfortunate death.

. A few years later, Aito was one of the most quiet students in his school. He would usually be found in the music room playing the piano, leading some students to start rumors of a ghost in the piano room since most of the songs he played were the slow, somehow haunting kind of music. The few friends he had knew that he was still grieving over his cousin, and tried to sing some songs in an attempt to make him smile. Instead of smiling happily, he would look at them with a rather sad smile as he remembered his cousin doing the same thing before. Frustrated, they finally told his parents what was going on with him at school.

. His parents then decided that it might be best to let him learn more piano music. They felt that if they did, Aito might let out his feelings and go back to the smiling boy he was before. One friend knew this wouldn't work, so she did some research and showed Sekiguchi Gakuen to his parents. She told them that he might do better in a more competitive school than theirs, since his current school was the kind where one learns only basic education and not the more complicated education that "talented" students like Aito needed. They decided to look at the school at her suggestion, having a difficult time thinking of Aito's future. When they realized that Sekiguchi was the kind of school Aito needed, they enrolled him into Sekiguchi Gakuen.

:bulletblack:Additional Info:
-He says sorry too much
-He can also play the guitar, but prefers to play the piano if given the choice to do so
-He knows a few piano versions of vocaloid songs, as the songs he plays the most is Nonsense speaker and Rolling girl. He plays Rolling girl more often.
"Ah... this is a good place to sleep..."
:bulletblack:Voice: Kamiya Hiroshi (… )
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Aito:  ???? ....err... o... okay...? //is extremely confused//
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tashaj4de Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist if only I knew how to play the piano- //shot


Would you like to RP? :icongawwplz:
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Pffft fine~ Where do ya wanna RP~? And lit or script~?
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Here then~ Lit cause I'm waaaay too used to it- //shot

I'll start since you said so~

Aito sighed, taking a seat at the piano inside the music room. He opened it and began playing a few notes before adjusting the chair and starting to play the first few keys of Nonsense Speaker.
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AVO-GSY Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Momo Kisaragi (Yay) [V2] I love the songs! i listen to them on my music everyday (no repeats)
Socin-shi Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2014

Now for dormitory xD (pffft jessi and he dorm names LAWL)

The Bijutsu (美術) or fine arts dorm, also crack named the "Jelly" dorm because of an incident that happened a year ago that involved a very serious cooking brawl and ended with a Strawberry Jelly explosion, though if you ask any fine arts dorm students that witnessed this incident they will tell you that they were given the name because all the other dorms are "Jelly of us!"

tashaj4de Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I-I DID?! :iconomgcryplz: I don't even know how I-- ///

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