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Who am I today? by tashaj4de Who am I today? by tashaj4de
Who am I today?
"I entered the 'Online World' again today
Who shall I be?
Shall I be that silly girl?
Or shall I be over there today?
I don't know
I don't care
Today's just
Another day


Yeah, so I was drawing... and that happened owo I drew some OCs~

OCs used:
:iconyukiamayaplz: Yuki Amaya Tomoko - :iconrosetteacademy:/:icongemstone-academy:
:iconojraniplz: Precani "Rani" Silaica - :iconodd-jobs:
Yuki Jade Amaya Tomoko
- Persona OC (Used in my story, The Life of a not-so-ordinary Girl)
Jack Cooper -
*Rivera Academy
Amy Peterson -
*Rivera Academy
Jake Panganiban - :icongemstone-academy:
Mark Yamada - :icongemstone-academy:
:iconnataliegaplz:Natalie Angeles - :icongemstone-academy:

*Jack and Amy were my OCs for ~Iellerz' group, Rivera Academy. But it disappeared... :iconokaymemeplz:

Jake, Mark, and Natalie's designs in this drawing... isn't completely official xD Well, Mark's is, but I still have to draw their apps... :iconeheplz: I will soon though. After prom. Hopefully. Cause it's tomorrow and--


The reason why the girl in the middle (Representing me-- //shot) is different shades of black.... it's cause I wanted to... emphasize the background more xD Did it work? I tried to shade/"color" it like it would look like with the colors I usually use...

I'm proud of what I did~ It's been a long time since I last drew so many OCs in one picture... paper's too small though xD

OC Facts~:
Yuki Amaya and Yuki Jade are obviously different, because Yuki Jade is my Persona OC, and Yuki Amaya is a Hybrid, but their looks were very similar before I gave Yuki Amaya a hair cut and made Yuki Jade's hair longer~
Yuki Amaya and Precani are cousins
Amy and Jack are childhood friends
Jake, Mark and Natalie are childhood friends
Yuki Amaya, Precani, and Mark have met each other in the past (Mark is the cause Yuki's first "Reset"/amnesia), but only Rani remembers it
You can tell which OC of mine is mark because he has black hair, red eyes, and two golden earrings in his ear.
Yuki Amaya... well, she's all over my gallery so... I'm pretty sure you know this fact, but Yuki is easy to identify by her light blue cat hat and (supremely) long sleeved jacket
Jake you can identify by his (big) glasses~
Jack is identified by the purple cloth/handkerchief around his neck, and his messy golden brown hair~
Yuki Jade, Yuki Amaya, Precani, Amy, and Jake have purple eyes (Bwahahaha Jake xD )
Yuki Jade's Persona, Artemis, is actually abit related to her "Love life", and how most of my OCs are the type of people who don't understand the concept of "love" when it happens to themselves, often rejecting the idea that it would ever happen to them (Although some OCs coughRanicough have actually manage to accept the idea of "love" and has a relationship with another character)
Although Rani seems annoyed at the world most of the time, with certain people she puts down her "emotion wall" and is actually more like a normal person who just uses too many gadgets
Natalie believes in almost anything anyone says about the human world
Yuki is a yangire~
Amy is afraid of the dark, and is usually scared if Jack isn't around
The purple cloth around Jack's neck was given to him by Amy
Yuki Jade/Yuki Amaya are what I am with "certain" people and when while I'm online, while Precani is more of what I am in "Real Life"
Jack is very carefree and isn't the most serious person xD

Gonna stop with that cause I type too much xD

...gonna put why their expressions are like that:
Precani: Ugh.... they're being annoying again... :iconwthplz:
Yuki Amaya: Lalalala~:iconkyutsmileplz: (Bwahahaha... I got some good pics today~:icongrinfaceplz:)
Yuki Jade: *Summoning Persona* :iconirisuturnplz:
Amy: It's so dark... :iconlescaredplz:
Jack: Ahahaha no worries! *summons a small ball of light* :iconyutasmileplz:
Mark: So therefore you must- :icontogaitosmileplz:
Jake: Mark! Stop telling lies to Natalie! :iconangrymarkplz:
Natalie: "Lie"? Is that a good thing? :iconcuriosityplz:

....Laugh if ya want, cause I was. A little. I even put icons to fit... xD

All OCs belongs to me, ~tashaj4de and they're in their respective groups in that loooong list up there xD

:iconhideplz: I hope prom will be fun tomorrow....
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Blackcaress Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
:iconheplz: so many ocs-- dont worry i feel you- looool

:iconpervheplz: so she has actually manage to belive in love-- //shot
tashaj4de Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I actually have more than what I drew here :iconhideplz:

:iconheplz: Indeed~ //kicked by Rani
PorkBun09 Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah, Ariella forgot to post a journal entry about Rivera Academy closing... She opened a new RP group though, and that RP group was the group she originally wanted to create XD And she didn't want people to RP by her story, there might be a lack of freedom in RP's, and I think it's a great idea to close it because someone might steal her story XD
tashaj4de Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist

Oh ok xD

...I'll save them for next time then~ :iconhideplz:
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